Process control valves

On behalf of various international manufacturers of high-pressure valves, we manufacture valves and valve parts according to your documentation, drawings  and  specifications for power plants, refineries, chemical plants and similar branches of industry. We process  heat-resistant and other high-alloyed materials.

Full range of service

We offer a comprehensive range of services: from the creation of work plans, production, non-destructive inspections, final assembly, testing, painting to the finished product. All in accordance with the documentation, drawings and your specifications.

With our  machine tools, we are able to offer almost the entire range of metal machining..

Welding procedures

We use the following welding procedures:

  • 111 Manual arc welding
  • 121 Submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • 131 Metal inert gas welding (MIG)
  • 135 Metal active gas welding (MAG)
  • 136 Metal active gas welding with cored wire
  • 137 Metal inert gas welding with cored wire
  • 141 Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)

Extensive Certifications

Our welders all have valid welding certificates according to various standards such as DIN EN ISO 9606-1, AD2000 or ASME section 9.

We have more than 150 welding procedure tests for various materials, both in accordance with DIN-EN and ASME, from general structural steel such as 1.0460 to high-temperature materials such as 1.4901 and 1.4903. Also for cladding of Stellite, SKWAM and high-alloy stainless alloys.

According to the requirements of the processed materials is the post heat treatment of Weld seams (PWHT) in the furnace or with local heat treatment unit.

Through our cooperation partners, we also offer for the components manufactured by us the required heat  treatments such as hardening and  Ion Nitriding.

Quality control according to customer requirements

Material certificates, measurement logs, test logs, quality reports, customer audits, approvals with notified bodies such as TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, etc.

ventil de proces

Manufactured process valves